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Important Update

Cleaner Seabeds for Sri Lanka - Diving Expedition


The underwater expedition intends to remove marine litter off the seabeds and reefs of Sri Lanka. 

Divers of The Pearl Protectors will mobilize in a series of underwater cleanups in the western, eastern and southern provinces to remove single use plastic waste, stranded fishing nets, clothing, metal and other significant marine litter.


Large areas of the Western Province coast have been affected due to the recent MV X-Press Pearl ship accident. Due to the complexity of its cargo, several environment challenges have arisen. These include high toxic levels both at sea and the coast. Bunk oil spill, ashes and ship debris at sea and on the shorelines, high amounts of plastic pellets spilled onto the ocean now covering large swaths coastline along the western side of Sri Lanka, toxic fumes mixed with monsoon rains resulting in toxic rain and poor air quality.
The Pearl Protectors has launched the ‘Nurdle Free Lanka’ campaign with the objective of removing all plastic nurdles from the shorelines of Sri lanka. The campaign focuses on utilizing sieving apparatus tools, mobilizing volunteers and conducting shoreline pellet pollution variation surveying. The campaign will initially continue for three months within the limits of Western province.
We welcome you to support this campaign through donations or by registering as a Protector of the Pearl Volunteer. 

Nurdle Free Lanka - Advocate


Being lightweight and buoyant, the pellets have spread across the western, southern and northwestern coasts, turning Sri Lanka’s picturesque beaches into wastelands. In due course, this is bound to become a regional problem as the pellets could make landfall in other Indian Ocean countries.

Currently, there are no legislative and regulatory provisions to address plastic pellets in Sri Lanka. Although Sri Lanka is a signatory to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), which is the main international convention covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes, the Annexes from I to VI of MARPOL have not yet been fully incorporated into parliamentary legislation.

The advocacy petition calls for the issuance of domestic regulations to control plastic pellets in Sri Lanka, formulation of a contingency plan to effectively contain plastic pellet spills from ships and the effective incorporation of MARPOL into parliamentary legislation.

Discolored Nurdles
Nurdle Free Lanka Advocacy

Sadè Greenwood - Social Ambassador of The Pearl Protectors


We are proud to announce that Sadè who is a passionate Protector of the Pearl volunteer will be representing Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2021 as the Social Ambassador of The Pearl Protectors

Sadè Greenwood will be our flag-bearer towards advocating for marine conservation and protection

The ocean is with you Sadè!

World Oceans Day Through Art - Exhibition and Competition

Await the new virtual exhibition portal set to go live soon. The team is diligently processing all the artwork before being published online. All submissions will be exhibited. 

In 2021, we have received over 1000 submissions making the World Oceans Day through Art competition the largest virtual art exhibition.


Are you passionate about protecting our oceans? Join us as a volunteer to make an impact by taking part in various projects that aim to conserve our marine environment.

Pearl Protector Approved

The Pearl Protectors launched the ‘Pearl Protector Approved’ Accredited Standardization Certificate, which for the first time recognizes restaurants and food vendors in Sri Lanka that eliminate single-use plastic items based on three levels of commitments.

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