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Protector of the Pearl - Volunteer

Are you passionate about protecting our oceans? Join us as a volunteer to make an impact by taking part in various projects that aim to conserve our marine environment.

Pearl Protector Approved

Accredited Standardization Certificate

The Pearl Protectors launched the ‘Pearl Protector Approved’ Accredited Standardization Certificate, which for the first time recognizes restaurants and food vendors in Sri Lanka that eliminate single-use plastic items based on three levels of commitments.

Clean a Shoreline

Even though beach cleanups are not the solution to the plastic crisis, the importance of keeping our beaches clean cannot be overstated. With Sri Lanka’s favorite destination being the coast, recreation and tourism are integral in providing a livelihood for coastal communities. Plastic-free beaches are also a must for the conservation of the five out of the seven species of sea turtles that come ashore on our beaches to lay eggs.

Report a Dead Marine Animal

If you have come across a dead turtle, whale, dolphin, shark or another marine animal, report to us so that relevant authorities can be alerted.

Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Plastic pollution is raving our marine environment. The best solution is to Reduce and Refuse ‘Single use Plastic’. Make the switch to a plastic free lifestyle and inspire.

Support Us

You can support any of our initiatives by spreading the awareness and by  making a simple donation or with any relevant resources. Every small contribution will lead towards a greater impact.