World Oceans Day Through Art 2021

The art competition and exhibition celebrating World Oceans Day intends to seek the beauty of our oceans and to highlight the challenges of the marine environment through the eyes of creativity and art. The global call for this years celebrations has been ’30X30′ which is a call to action to safeguard at least 30% of the worlds ocean by 2030.
We welcome you to submit your best artwork towards celebrating the World Oceans Day on 8th of June. 

World Oceans Day Through Art 2021 is hosted by The Pearl Protectors in partnership with Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), Blue Resources Trust, Dilmah Conservation and World Ocean Day International.

We have received over 1000 amazing artwork submissions!

700 qualified through the initial screening and 220 to the final screening. The judging panel consists of some of the best experts in field which includes;

  • Prasanna Weerakkody
  • Awantha Artigala
  • Rena Ortega
  • Kasun Pradeepa

World Oceans Day through Art exhibition and competition has now become Sri Lanka’s largest virtual artwork competition. Dilmah Conservation was the official partner of the World Oceans Day through Art.

Exhibition will be open to the public starting 11th June 2021 through

Winners of the competition will be announced on 8th June at 5.30 p.m at the end of World Oceans Day Summit Broadcasted Live on Facebook and YouTube.

Instructions & Entry:

  • World Oceans Day Art Competition entry is free and open for all.
  • You have the freedom to draw your artwork/painting using any type of technique or style of your choosing (ex: digital, acrylic, watercolor)
  • A single submission may be submitted in multiple art themes, however only a single submission may only place under one art theme.
  • Submitting image: You will be required to take a clear image of your artwork or painting making sure the captured image doesn’t crop the artwork or reduce the lighting or color quality of the artwork. The submission image must be renamed to (first name_last name_age_theme), and emailed to the below email address with the email body as follows:
    Subject: World Oceans Day Submission – First Name_Last Name_Age – Theme

    Email Body: Primary contact number, Secondary Contact number, Instagram tag (if available),

  • Email submission must be sent through an email address which is familiar to the participant
  • Submission image must be emailed to: Only emailed submissions will be accepted.

File Specifications:

  • JPEG/JPG images only
  • Maximum submission image size 7MB.
  • Image must not be post processed
  • Copyright Watermarks NOT allowed. Watermarked submissions will be disqualified
  • Scanned images are acceptable as long as the color is not compromised
  • Finalists may be asked to submit the original physical artwork.
  • Any ‘advanced’ editing must be disclosed in the email body if the artwork is drawn digitally (see rules below). 
  • Winners will be contacted further to receive more information of the mailing address

Contest Rules 


  • The Pearl Protectors pledges to run this contest ethically and with utmost integrity.
  • Deadline for submissions is 4th of June 2021
  • Judges will not see submitted image titles or any other references to submissions.
  • Images submitted with watermarks will be disqualified.
  • This is not a photographic competition, hence the images submitted must be a capture of a painting or a digital artwork.
  • Images of the painting/artwork must be submitted through email. If you have difficulties, please email
  • The competition is open for all. Categories will be divided once submitted based on your age
  • The original painting/artwork should have been done during 2021
  • This competition does not accept posters; hence no writing must be included in the painting/artwork.
  • Submissions will be judged by a panel of artists, marine experts and philanthropists and the decision by the panelists will be final.
  • Submissions must fall only under either of the two themes mentioned below
  • Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted for the competition

Contestants are required to submit an artwork/painting/drawing under the following themes;

  • Beauty of the Marine Environment
    Signifying the unique beauty seen underwater with different marine life coexisting in its habitat with a healthy marine ecosystem.
  • Marine Pollution
    Highlighting various forms of waste and pollution that is impacting the marine environment which can include specific pollution aspects of: plastic, chemicals, oil, sound, light. Etc.

Conceptualizing the Competition:

  • The purpose of this competition is to highlight the unique beauty of the marine environment and to highlight the detrimental effects our marine environment is facing due to human impact.
  • The World Oceans Day art competition will run parallel to an art exhibition where all art submitted will be displayed on the website of The Pearl Protectors, and on FacebookInstagramTwitter.
  • Winners and prize awards will be announced on World Oceans Day (8th June 2021) during The World Oceans Day Symposium
  • All judges’ decisions are final.
  • Details of the judges will be shared publicly after the deadline for submissions
  • Top 30 submissions will be selected as winners with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receiving the most valued prize.
  • Expectations of the artwork will be based on the unique creativity, artistic impression and conveyed message, artistic effort and quality of the submission.
  • Submissions may be used by The Pearl Protectors to increase awareness on marine environment protection and for public display.
  • Send questions to


  • Submissions must not be post processed, saturated or edited other than adequately being cropped
  • Authenticity is paramount. Crop editing that enhances the artists original image is permitted. Any editing that misrepresents the scene and original art will not be accepted.
  • Note that there are no editing limits in the Digital Art form submission – everything is acceptable. We understand that this art form requires photoshop and illustrator, etc. For this form only, you can disregard the editing rules.


  • All forms of painting formats using any type of painting material such as paint, brushes, canvas, paper, artwork enhancers, paint decorative, etc.
  • Image crop. Keep in mind that judges often look down on significant cropping.
  • All forms of digital art using any art software. Digital art can directly by submitted as an image
  • Artist signature which is not significantly displayed on the artwork


  • Photography, multiple artwork mergers, murals, 3D art, posters and pop-up art
  • Copyright markings, watermarks, writing display on the art, background surrounding of the physical artwork captured in the submission, non-binding art on the original art form, post processing, light alterations of the original artwork and low-quality image submissions.

All participants are required to be honest and ethical when making submissions. Plagiarism and tampering of another artwork will not be tolerated. If any doubt, the artist will be asked to show the original artwork as proof.

Category Details:

World Oceans Day Art Competition categories are loosely defined below. Our very experienced judging panel will use their common sense when choosing winners in a category. 

School Category

All submissions which we receive where the participating artists age is below 19 will be considered under this category. Due to logistical challenges of handing over prizes, winners of this category will only be selected from Sri Lankan submissions, where else all submissions will be exhibited online.

Open Category

All submission which we receive where the participating artists age is above 19 will be considered under this category. Due to logistical challenges of handing over prizes, winners of this category will only be selected from Sri Lankan submissions, where else all submissions will be exhibited online.

How Prizes are Awarded:

The judges will decide on the winners based on various artistic traits, depiction of the artwork, creativity, quality and the overall message conveyed through the art.

Winners will receive a valuable hamper as prize. The prizes will not be revealed till the deadline to avoid over-incentivizing the prize where else as to the genuine commitment made towards painting the artwork.  Best 30 of submissions will be awarded their prizes. Each category will have top 3 winners where 1st place winners will receive the largest prize followed by the 2nd place winner followed by the 3rd place winner, etc. Winners can only receive one prize.

The exact ranking of the category point systems, which determines who gets awarded their first prize picks, will be determined by the judges based upon the number of entries and level of competitiveness of each category.

Winners will learn of their placement and awarded prize when contest results are announced on 4th June 2021. All prizes will be awarded to the relevant winners.

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