World Oceans Day Summit

Sri Lanka 2021

On the 8th of June the global populace will celebrate the World Oceans Day 2021 to highlight the importance of our vast ocean ecosystems and the vibrant life that calls it home. Ocean Decade ‘30×30’ is the latest vision to protect 30% of our oceans by 2030 through the expansion of marine protected areas. The high seas encompass 43% of the Earth’s surface, and 70% of the living space on the planet including land and sea.

The Pearl Protectors will be hosting a four-day summit covering a range of timely and important thematic areas related to our ocean. The World Oceans Day Summit – Sri Lanka is organized in partnership with the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), Blue Resource Trust and International World Ocean Day. The main themes will encompass Sri Lanka’s marine biodiversity, ocean pollution and solutions, ocean-based resource economy and the way forward for our oceans. Since Sri Lanka is surrounded by twenty times more ocean boundary than land, it is vital that Sri Lankans acknowledge and appreciate its importance both ecologically and economically, and the need to sustain the marine environment for future generations.

The hosting organization, The Pearl Protectors is a youth led marine conservation platform which advocates for protected oceans while increasing awareness on the importance of sustaining and conserving our marine environment. The Pearl Protectors have launched various projects and initiatives which promotes volunteerism, research and public involvement to conserve and sustain the marine environment of Sri Lanka.

The World Oceans Day Summit – Sri Lanka will be structured to provide maximum impact and awareness to the larger public audience of Sri Lanka. Each of the four days will entail a thematic topic which will include sub session topics. The sub session topics will be aired live on virtual media where several experts from each session will engage in presentations and discussions. The hour-long sessions will provide the opportunity for the public audience to engage in discussions while each sub session will be moderated by a team member of the host organization or partnered organizations.    

The World Oceans Day Summit Sri Lanka 2021 is a first of its kind to be held in Sri Lanka. The virtual platform of the summit will be through StreamYard and will be open to the public for free. Recordings of the summit will be made available through Facebook and YouTube while publication press will release summaries for each thematic sessions.

World Oceans Day Summit Sri Lanka

Themes for World Oceans Day Summit - Sri Lanka 2021

Sri Lanka's Blue Economy
The way forward for our Oceans


The Initiation of the Summit will be on 5th June 2021 at 9.45 a.m (IST) Live Broadcasted through Facebook and YouTube

Sri Lanka's Ocean Biodiversity

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Ocean Pollution & Solutions

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The Way Forward for our Oceans

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