Pearl Protector Approved

Accredited Standardization Certificate Against Single use Plastic and for Environment Sustainability

Pearl Protector Approved Restaurants

Aphotic Level

Since 2019

Since 2020


The initiation and implementation behind the PPA certification is to create a national incentive in Sri Lanka, focused towards food vendors and restaurants in reducing the use of ‘single use plastic’ and improving the sustainability of the environment.

The PPA standardization is introduced by The Pearl Protectors which is a volunteer-based organization that advocates towards protecting the marine environment of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is currently ranked globally amongst the leading countries that pollute the ocean. Many of the ocean pollution accumulated in the surrounding areas of the island are due to unregulated use and disposal of ‘single use plastic’, chemical waste, manufacturing waste and fishing equipment.

According to the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), only 3% of total plastic consumed in Sri Lanka is recycled. Also, according to a recent research study conducted by The Pearl Protectors, the majority of Sri Lankan’s are aware of the negative impact created by the disposal of ‘single use plastic’ but are unaware to what extent it affects the sustainability of the marine environment.

The PPA certification will be categorized into three levels. The levels are based upon the commitment of individual food vendors or restaurants. The three levels are as follows:


  1. Euphotic Level
  2. Disphotic Level
  3. Aphotic Level


Each level of standardization commitments are as follows:


The Pearl Protectors will actively engage in identifying food vendors and restaurants which could be provided the certification according to the above categories. Also, interested vendors and restaurants can apply in receiving the PPA certification.

Once identified, the vendor/restaurant will be monitored by The Pearl Protectors team to identify which category the vendor/restaurant can be categorized into. The identification process would include a long term and a short-term evaluation. The short-term evaluation is conducted based on vendor/restaurant visits while the long-term evaluation will be conducted using customer experience, spontaneous visits and vendor/restaurant best practices.

If the vendor/restaurant is chosen for any of the above level certificate categorizations, the vendor/restaurant will be awarded with a certificate, an infographic article on the certification which can be displayed to customers and a certification logo which also can be displayed to the customers.

The certification is subjected to be only valid for one year from the date of issuing, while The Pearl Protectors will be evaluating the vendor/restaurant commitment once every six months. If the commitment is satisfactory, the vendor/restaurant is encouraged to advance in the certification level while being promoted as a marine environment friendly vendor/restaurant. The Pearl Protectors will also provide other benefits which attracts more customers to the certified vendor/restaurant.

If a vendor/restaurant fails in its commitments after being certified, The Pearl Protectors will officially provide a notice of compliance with a deadline for revaluation. Moving forward, if the vendor/restaurant fails yet again, The Pearl Protectors will withdraw the PPA certification.

If a vendor/restaurant shows interest in being certified as a PPA, and if the vendor/restaurant is not satisfactory in receiving the certification, The Pearl Protectors will provide guidelines in reaching the desired certification level.

If a customer of any of the vendors/restaurant which carries the PPA certification requires to provide feedback, they will be provided the opportunity to make the feedback to an online PPA feedback form which is only accessible to The Pearl Protectors monitoring team. The feedback will then be evaluated and based on the feedback, the vendor/restaurant will be subjected to being commended or evaluated.

Expected Impact

By reducing and controlling the waste generated from food vendors and restaurants, The Pearl Protectors firmly believe that the results will create a positive impact on the sustainability and the protection of the marine environment of Sri Lanka.

The PPA certified vendor/restaurant will be accredited and recognized as an environment friendly establishment which can be used to increase the customer base.

The PPA certification will also function as an incentive for vendors/restaurants to establish best practice guidelines in par with protecting the marine environment.

A national awareness can be achieved in the importance of reducing ‘Single use Plastic’ and other pollutants which directly or indirectly threatens the marine environment.  

The PPA certification will create a precedent in creating a more responsible, environmental impact conscious society.